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Clic on this image and go to my English site with the Crowd Fund project Bride & Monks and updates. I need to collect on short notice €6000,- so in 35 days (from 6 Nov. – 120 Dec.) That is a challenge! I need the money for shipping my art across the ocean, being there at the opening and for the production of the International Artbook that comes with the exhibition. Pitty that my art can not wrapped up, so that’s why it is so expensive…



(The Atbook is available through Amazon.com, barnesandnoble, thenewcollectorsbook and basakmalone.)

On the right you can watch my film for the project if you like, altough it is in Dutch…if you have some suggestions, please contact me.

Please do not forget to DONATE here by Paypal. I will put it on the project!


…Help me to get International attention for my art by donating.

The New York exhibition is 5 – 18 januari 2013 at WN Gallery | New York City


WATCH: Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Sandy Slamming into New York City | TIME.com

There’s something a bit bizarre about seeing such a violent, destructive force condensed into such a visually compelling two-minute clip. This time-lapse video, shot from a waterfront vantage point in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, captures Hurricane Sandy slamming into the nation’s largest city.



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